RCC's Broadband Consulting Group Provides Dedicated Expertise

RCC created our Broadband Consulting Group to provide dedicated support in evolving broadband technologies to our clients. The Group integrates network planning, public safety operations, public safety applications and backhaul technology experience into one practice.


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Our Public Safety Broadband Services

RCC Can Help You Take Advantage of the National Public Safety Broadband Legislation


Watershed legislation was signed into law in February that paves the way for a nationwide public safety wireless broadband network. While the legislation clearly spells out some aspects of the network, many aspects will be determined in the coming months. States, regions and municipalities need to begin planning now to take advantage of the legislation and available funding.


RCC is in a unique position to help guide our clients plan their broadband networks. Not only do we have more wireless broadband consulting experience than most firms, but we can provide special insight because our staff has been in leadership positions on many of the committees that influenced the new law and future standards. These include the APCO Broadband Committee, the FCC 700 MHz National Coordination Committee and the NPSTC Broadband Working Groups.


RCC Provides Expertise to FirstNet

The Board responsible for overseeing the network's creation – FirstNet – announced its conceptual network architecture at its first Board meeting on September 25. The Board’s concept, called FirstNet Nationwide Network (FNN), leverages partnerships with commercial carriers to get the network up and running quickly as possible.


While RCC supports the high-level conceptual direction of the network, we caution that the vision of the FNN laid out at the meeting is different than what was described in the enabling legislation. Our primary concern is whether the proposed architecture meets the needs of the public safety community. Additionally, we are concerned whether FNN follows the letter of the law – the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 – that provides for the national public safety broadband network.


We provided our concerns and recommendations to FirstNet in response to the NTIA’s call for public comment. We would be happy to arrange a no-obligation briefing for you on how your state or locality can best position itself to identify and protect your needs for the network. Please contact us at


What Does the Law Do?

Watch an interview with RCC President and CEO Michael Hunter to learn more about the legislation and how RCC can help agencies plan for the new network.



The Most Dedicated Public Safety Broadband Expertise


RCC has worked extensively with clients on public safety wireless broadband projectsr, including:

  • Charlotte, N.C.: We are assisting Charlotte with the plan, design and launch of the first hosted-core LTE network solution in the country, developed with Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP) grant funding.
  • West Virginia: We are helping the West Virginia Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee develop a plan and strategy to deploy a broadband infrastructure over the 700 MHz spectrum for a statewide, interoperable public safety wireless broadband network.

Both of these networks will provide the mobility of wireless broadband access to public safety entities, enabling them to stream live video from the field, download critical maps and files and generally enhance interoperability of data sharing among government agencies.


Focused Consulting Practice

Recognizing the need for a dedicated practice to support our clients with evolving broadband technologies, we created the RCC Broadband Consulting Group in February. The Group integrates network planning, public safety operations, public safety applications and backhaul technology experience into one practice. Click here to learn more about RCC's Broadband Consulting Group.



We’re the only public safety consulting firm that has created software tools to aid in designing wireless broadband networks. Our ComSiteLTE product helps you plan LTE system design, priority mapping, future migration from voice LMR networks and more, addressing LTE systems from the unique requirements of mission critical agencies.


Call RCC today at 877.868-9828 or email us at to get started taking advantage of the new broadband legislation.

How Can RCC Help?

Our wireless broadband experts have created a 30-minute presentation about the legislation and what you need to do. We would be happy to walk you through the presentation at no cost or obligation to you.


Call RCC today at 877.868.9828 or email us at to schedule a meeting. Click here to download a brochure about our public safety broadband services.



Our Services


For our Public Safety broadband clients, we provide:

  • Network Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Opt-In/Out Decision Matrix
  • System Design/Specification
  • LTE Deployment and Coverage Considerations
  • Financial Analyses
  • Funding Models
  • Grant Support
  • Procurement Support
  • Implementation Management