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For a limited time, RCC is offering a no-cost, no-obligation public safety broadband strategy report to help guide statewide broadband planning. Contact RCC today at (800) 247-4796 or



RCC's Broadband Consulting Group Provides Dedicated Expertise

RCC created our Broadband Consulting Group to provide dedicated support in evolving broadband technologies to our clients. The Group integrates network planning, public safety operations, public safety applications and backhaul technology experience into one practice.


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Make the Most of Your SLIGP Allocation

Strategies to Optimize the Broadband Network for Your First Responders

With SLIGP funding now available, it's time take the next steps to ensure your state gets the network you need – and completes the required activities of the SLIGP grant. RCC can help you:

  • Determine your state’s broadband needs and users
  • Inventory assets that could be used for broadband
  • Create the Memorandum of Agreement FirstNet requires
  • Establish or enhance a governance structure
  • Develop education and outreach for stakeholders
  • Prepare the staffing and public safety needs plans FirstNet requires

We’re pleased to offer you a no-cost, no-obligation public safety broadband strategy report to help guide statewide broadband planning. Contact RCC today at (800) 247-4796 or to learn more.

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RCC Has the Most Dedicated Public Safety Broadband Expertise

RCC has more broadband experience than any other public safety consulting firm. We’re helping the six-state Mid-Atlantic Consortium for Interoperable Nationwide Communications (MACINAC) develop broadband education and outreach and standardize data collection. We helped Delaware conduct a statewide needs assessment and inventory to maximize their network. And we’re working on several more broadband projects in West Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio.


The Industry's Only Broadband Software Tools

We’re the only public safety consulting firm that has created software tools to aid in designing wireless broadband networks. Our ComSiteLTE product helps you plan LTE system design, priority mapping, future migration from voice LMR networks and more, addressing LTE systems from the unique requirements of mission critical agencies.


Additional Resources from RCC



White Papers

  • Paper 1: "State Decision Making Under the Act Creating the Public Safety Broadband Network"
  • Paper 2: "The State and Local Implementation Grant Progran in Support of the National Public Safety Broadband Network and a Suggested Process for Addressing that Program"
  • Paper 3: "Effectively Preparing For FirstNet: Multiple Strategies for States and Territories Regarding the Public Safety Broadband Network Implementation"
How Can RCC Help?
  • Governance
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Outreach and Education
  • Identifying Potential Users
  • Data Collection and Inventory
  • Network Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Opt-In/Out Decision Matrix
  • System Design/Specification
  • LTE Deployment and Coverage Considerations
  • Financial Analyses
  • Funding Models
  • Grant Support
  • Procurement Support
  • Implementation Management
  • Acceptance Testing


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(800) 247-4796 or for more information.