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RCC's engineers pioneered the development of radio frequency engineering tools, known as the ComSite software suite. Organizations around the world use the tools to design, optimize, manage and operate their wireless networks. Learn more.










Our Narrowbanding Services

RCC Can Help You Prepare For — and Take Advantage of — the Narrowbanding Mandate

The deadline for converting to narrowband was January 1, 2013. Agencies that have not made the required modifications are in danger of the FCC canceling their radio license(s). However, there might still be time to ensure your agency is in compliance with the narrowbanding mandate.


RCC Consultants can help. Our team of full-time regulatory and radio experts can determine what you need to do to be in compliance. We can also help you budget for and implement changes to your system and equipment. Contact RCC today to get started.

RCC's Theo Titus helped Decatur County, Georgia and the City of Bainbridge analyze how they will meet the FCC's narrowbanding mandate. Watch a video of his presentation on how narrowbanding will affect them.

Read the FAQs below to learn more about the narrowbanding mandate, what you may need to do, and how RCC can help you.

What is Narrowbanding?
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What are the Deadlines for Converting to Narrowband?
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Is My Agency Affected by the Narrowbanding Mandate?
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What Do I Need to Do to Prepare for Narrowbanding?
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How Can RCC Help Me With Narrowbanding?
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