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Industry Leadership and Involvement That Directly Benefits Our Clients

RCC’s consultants and engineers are frequent contributors to nationally recognized industry and standards-setting organizations. Taking an active leadership role in the industries we serve helps us to provide our clients with clear insight into new and emerging technologies.

man presentingPlease contact us to request copies of the white papers and recent presentations our team has created on current and future technologies and standards, including:


Broadband and LTE

Communications and Dispatch Centers

  • RCC staff presented "Communications Center Consolidation: A Framework for Success" at the NENA 2010: 9-1-1 Conference and Trade Show.

In-Building Communications

Narrowbanding and Rebanding

  • RCC staff presented “Narrowbanding Through the Remaining Narrow Window of Time” at the 2009 Pennsylvania Interoperability Conference.
  • RCC staff spoke on “Frequency Allocation: Narrowbanding, Rebanding, Broadband” at the 2009 Virginia APCO/NENA/Interoperability Conference.
  • RCC released the white paper The 800 MHz Rebanding: A Framework for Risk Analysis. This paper focuses upon the Rebanding Risk, which includes a number of specific kinds of risks to licensees that will almost certainly arise in the 800 MHz rebanding process.

Regulatory Issues

  • RCC staff presented on Federal Communications Commissions updates for Pulic Safety at the Northern California Chapter of APCO International, Inc.(NAPCO) meeting on June 10, 2010.

SAFECOM Interoperability Continuum

  • RCC staff taught an educational seminar on optimizing the SAFECOM Interoperability Continuum at APCO International’s 75th Annual Conference in 2009.
TA Metrics
  • RCC released the white paper The Long-festering Problem of the "TA Metrics": The Charles County, MD Case and the Future of FRA Negotiations. An accompanying presentation is also available.


Please contact us to request copies of these white papers and presentations, as well as to schedule an RCC subject matter expert for a speaking engagement.