Case Study: South Florida Water Management Communications Projects

Improving Communications Across the Everglades and the Southern Half of Florida


The Client

South Florida Water Management District.


The Project

The South Florida Water Management District is a regional governmental agency that oversees the water resources in the southern half of the state, covering 16 counties from Orlando to the Florida Keys and serving a population of 7.5 million residents. The District retained RCC Consultants for several communications projects, including:


  • A review of the District’s current voice radio system and a detailed analysis of its ability to meet the District’s current and future voice communications system requirements.
  • The survey, study and analysis of the District’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system with respect to its use of wireless telemetry. 
  • Development of an organized approach for the deployment of wireless telemetry for the District’s entire telemetry network. This includes establishing a frequency use/reuse plan and establishing radio coverage zones for each frequency band.


RCC's Role

RCC provided many important services for the South Florida Water Management District during these projects, including:


Radio Project

  • Conducted communications site surveys, on-site interviews of the radio system users, needs assessment, analysis and suitability assessment.
  • Identified user communications needs including emergency response and interoperability with surrounding public safety agencies
  • Researched available spectrum and technologies to develop cost estimates.
    • Developed high-level communications system design and analyzed the impact to the District’s 6 GHz microwave radio infrastructure.
  • Developed conceptual communications systems technology alternatives.


SCADA Project

  • Conducted a field survey of existing wireless telemetry sites including flood gates, water level metering, pumping stations and control centers to understand how the District uses wireless telemetry.
  • Performed a frequency search to determine if any additional frequencies are available for wireless telemetry deployment.
  • Performed RF propagation analysis to establish a wireless coverage deployment plan for the District’s overall operational area that maintains the level of reliability required.
  • Established a wireless coverage plan in conjunction with a frequency reuse plan that maximizes the District’s use of existing wireless frequencies.
  • Established SCADA radio coverage zones for each District frequency band, allowing District SCADA personnel to deploy RTUs in the field without having to engineer each wireless link.