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Command. Control. Communications.
When coordinating the response to a major incident, quickly establishing command, control and communications is essential. RCC’s Command, Control and Communications Training and Exercise Solutions Team (C3TEST) helps public safety, utility and transportation agencies plan, implement and practice these critical skills.

What We Do
Achieving interoperability along the SAFECOM Continuum


C3TEST helps agencies create a holistic, multi-year program to improve capabilities related to command, control and communications (C3). We provide support to achieve interoperability along the lanes of the SAFECOM Continuum (Governance, SOPs, Technology, Training and Exercises, and Usage), as well as satisfying the National Emergency Communications Plan (NECP) goals.

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How We Do It
Using HSEEP, NIMS, ICS, COML practices


We support agencies through the entire preparedness and response planning lifecycle – from creating or updating interoperable communications plans to testing the plans with tabletop and full-scale exercises, to re-evaluating and updating governance plans, SOPs and MOUs each year. All members of C3TEST are certified in NIMS, ICS, COML and HSEEP, and most have first-responder and emergency management experience.

Who We Do It For
Helping cities, counties, regions and states


Every public safety agency in the country has to be prepared for a disaster and be ready to coordinate response-level emergency communications quickly. But every agency has its own unique needs and challenges. That's why we create custom solutions – using proven methodologies – for our clients. C3TEST works with clients of all sizes – from small rural counties to regional councils of government.